Trump Wanted To Ban Bitcoin Two Years Ago

Former US National Security Advisor to the U.S. President John Bolton said Donald Trump has been a staunch opponent of cryptocurrencies for a very long time.

Overheard conversation

Bolton said that in May 2018 he heard a conversation between the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin and Trump. They talked about sanctions, a trade war with China, and bitcoin. The US President was not flattered about digital gold.

Trump's official statement

Recall, in July 2019, Trump posted on his Twitter, calling Bitcoin “emptiness” and “not money”, which can contribute to the drug trade and other illegal activities. Besides Bitcoin, the US president criticized the stablecoin Libra, he said that the Facebook project does not have the proper “status and reliability”.

Scandalous memoirs of Bolton

The ex-national security adviser of Trump spoke about all this and much more in his memoirs “Room Where The It Happened”. The incumbent president criticized the book, and the US Department of Justice even tried to put pressure on the author.

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