The head of Grupo Salinas named Bitcoin as his best investment

Ricardo Salinas, Mexico's second-largest wealth holder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, spoke about his experience of investing in BTC

In a recent interview with reporters, the businessman said that he became the owner of the first BTC in 2013. He paid $200 for it. At the same time, Salinas admitted that it was his best investment.

He sold Bitcoin at the end of 2017 when the coin reached its then high and got a tenfold increase in profits. Then I bought it again when the Bitcoin price dropped below $4,000.

Salinas currently stores about 10 percent of its funds in Bitcoin. He has no plans to sell them in the next five to ten years since Bitcoin is the best store of value.

Ricardo Salinas:

Although BTC is just bits and bytes on the blockchain, it cannot be devalued or easily confiscated.

In Latin American countries, where fiat currency is constantly depreciating and inflation is rising, Bitcoin is a great alternative to regular money. This is a natural result of the evolution of money.