Spain Entrepreneur Buys Bitcoin Rights

An unknown resident of Spain acquired the rights to the name and logo "Bitcoin". He did this at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

Unknown buyer

The person who bought the rights to Bitcoin wanted to remain incognito, but he agreed to give an anonymous interview to one of the popular crypto media and talk about his reasons.

“I provide protection with my business and now with my brand so that if any person or company at the national level wants to misuse the logo we all know, and the word Bitcoin I have a claim for misuse of my brand.”

He is not going to be a monopolist

The buyer emphasised that he did not intend to stop other people from working with digital gold. But he wants to try to eradicate crypto fraud, at least in Spain.

"I am not a fake Satoshi, I have just registered the ownership and legitimate use of the logo and the word. If someone uses it incorrectly, I will defend it.”

Official registry

Although the buyer wished to remain anonymous, we have access to the state register and we can see who acquired the rights to the Bitcoin. It turned out to be Eduardo Perez Montero from Oviedo, and his lawyer was Ignacio Rubio Menendez.

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