South America And Africa Interested In Bitcoin

Researchers of Blockchaincenter have come to the conclusion that the population of Brazil and Kenya have an increased interest in Bitcoin.

Google trends

From the data provided by the Google Trends service, 94.7% of all crypto requests in Kenya are exclusively related to BTC, in Brazil a little less - 92.6%.

South America believes in Bitcoin

As the numbers indicated, people from South America are the most interested in Bitcoin.

If we take into account the global averages, then Bitcoin is gaining 80.8% of all requests related to the cryptocurrency industry in the Google search. Ethereum got 13.7% and takes the second place by a wide margin.

Where people are most interested in altcoins?

The studies have shown, most people are interested in alternative tokens in Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine. The residents of Ukraine are most interested in the anonymous digital currency Monero.

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