No insurance? Sell BTC!

Investors watching the Bitcoin market are anxiously watching the price rise. With the arrival of the bull market in 2020, the currency has appreciated sharply. For example, in Brazil, the growth rate exceeds 400%

Now investors who have made a profitable investment in buying BTC can afford what they could not afford before. Some dream of Lambo, while others dream of more prosaic things.

One Reddit user with the nickname Melbo_ admitted on Saturday that he sold part of the cryptocurrency to restore his health. For the money he will be able to pay for a whole year of treatment which is very important for him.

He is a freelancer with no health insurance. Therefore, all his medication needs are paid out of his own pocket. This year, due to the pandemic, he, like many others struggled with depression. Treatment was running out of budget and costs had to be cut.

But now, thanks to Bitcoin, he can truly restore his health. Melbo_ received immediate community support. The feed contains more than 230 messages. He was told that "to the moon" is wonderful. But the main thing is that everyone has their own. One wants Lambo, but someone wants health more!

Anyway, Melbo_ commented that he did not sell all of his Bitcoin assets and is very grateful to the crypto community for their help and support:

"Please do not worry. I only sold what I needed to pay the bill, but I am still a Bitcoin investor. I know that if I leave more, my profit will be higher, but my mental state is a priority. ”