Major investors' interest in Bitcoin is growing

Stevens Ross, who founded several investment companies, including NYDIG met with the head of MicroStrategy Sailor Michael for an interview of interest for participants in the cryptocurrency market

According to Ross, more and more large investors are buying Bitcoin. At the same time, none of his clients, who previously bought Bitcoin, are going to sell it in the near future.

Ross Stevens said that in 2020, 25 of his company's big clients bought Bitcoin. In 2021, there are 280 such clients. And if NYDIG currently has a $6 billion Bitcoin, it will have $25 billion at the end of 2021.

The founder of Stone Ridge Asset Management and NYDIG also believes that in 2021 many Americans will receive salaries, bonuses and other payments in BTC, which will contribute to the adoption of the digital currency.

According to Stevens, Bitcoin purchases are actively interested in private companies, credit and investment funds, hedge funds with large capital for hose who have already bought Bitcoin, or leave their positions unchanged, or increase them. This is due to the general inflationary risks for fiat currencies. Stevens summed it up: "It's a real money wall. Everyone wants to buy Bitcoin, and no one intends to sell."