January 2021: Time to buy BTC

The head of Newton Advisors Mark Newton believes that Bitcoin's price may fall in January 2021. Experienced analyst, former chief technical analyst at Greywolf and trader with 20 years of experience makes the forecast based on historical data

In the medium term, Newton insists on a bullish Bitcoin market, but still considers a possible correction in the price of the cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2021.

He plans to partially sell BTC in the hope that he can then buy at the bottom. Today Bitcoin has traveled a long way from 10 to 28 thousand dollars. A new record and maximum was set against the backdrop of interest from institutional investors. But if you look at the RSI, you can see that there is a short-term peak in January.

As for the historical retrospective, the price of Bitcoin after the "stellar" IV quarter at the beginning of the year has always moved down. This is not bad because investors will have the opportunity to buy from the bottom.

Newton plans to sell part of his assets in order to profitably buy cryptocurrency at a lower price. His investment portfolio consists of BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and a number of other coins.