Isaiah Jackson: Buy BTC - Take Money From The System

The author of the cult book “Bitcoin And Black America”, Isaiah Jackson, shared his opinion on the role of BTC in mass protests that occur throughout the United States.

The main enemy of African Americans

Jackson noted that the traditional financial system is the main enemy of African Americans:

"When the economic system is broken ... no matter how hard you try, you get pushed to areas where police oversight is very heavy. You get these clashes and police start killing black men and it's all just a domino effect”. 

The main problems of the economy

Jackson believes the main problems of the economy of the United States of America are unemployment and an uncontrolled policy of quantitative easing of the FED. He believes that people have finally realized their main enemy.

Support the protest - buy BTC

Jackson encourages people to buy bitcoins as a sign of peaceful protest against the system.

“I usually say that the most peaceful protest you can do is simply buying Bitcoin on a regular basis because you're just moving your money out of this system into what I believe is a better and hard money system that can be used in the future.”

Jackson also noticed the low level of involvement of the Afro-American US population in the digital economy. According to the figures he provided, the number of people who actively buy BTC is no more than 1%.

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