Forecast for 2022: Bitcoin at $100,000

A third of traders are confident that in 2022 Bitcoin will cost $ 100 thousand for 1 BTC coin. Such results were brought by a survey conducted by the investment company IRA.

They are confident that bitcoin can replace fiat currencies, credit cards and even travelers checks. However, since this asset has high volatility and risks, a different strategy is required for this.

For example, Bitcoin can become a tool for cross-border crypto payments. Against this background, more than a third of investors are confident that BTC will step over the $ 100,000 mark next year. And 14% of respondents are even sure that the asset price will rise above $ 150,000.

According to the Bitcoin IRA, this opinion was not formed from scratch. After all, 2021, despite all its upheavals, was quite successful for the first cryptocurrency. It set a new historical maximum. Therefore, when making a forecast for next year, I want to believe that Bitcoin will be no less popular than in 2021.

At the same time, experts say that a steady rise in the price of cryptocurrency will be established if unfavorable factors are again observed in the US economy. For example, uncontrolled spending of funds. Digital assets in this case will help to get around the disadvantages of traditional financial currencies.

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