Finns sell bitcoins from drug lords

The Finnish Customs has decided on a big deal. Government agency plans to list 1,981 bitcoin seized from drug dealers for sale

Information about this leaked to the press on Tuesday and amused the public a lot. In 2016, when the customs agency raided and seized the first 1,666 bitcoins, the price of BTC was $600.

This means that the total profit from the sale of “dirty” digital money would have been a little less than $1 million. Even then it would have been a good addition to the budget.

Now that bitcoin is worth $40,839 (at the time of this writing), it will be the deal of the century for Finnish customs. Selling bitcoins will bring at least $80.9 million. So far, these are only plans, but there are also concrete steps in this direction.

Pekka Pylkkänen, CFO of Customs, said the agency would sell the confiscated bitcoins after consulting the Ministry of Finance. No date has been set yet.