Fidelity Investments Calls Bitcoin A Store Of Value And Insurance Against The Crisis

A report from the division of the digital assets of Fidelity Investments highlighted the relevance of Bitcoin as an insurance policy that solves financial problems. Analysts called it an "an aspirational store of value".

Bitcoin is a new store of value

According to analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets, Bitcoin's potential is increasingly in line with the parameters of a store of value. FDAS experts positively assess the volatility of digital gold. In their opinion, it is a valuable property that draws attention to cryptocurrency, contributes to its development, and stimulates innovation.

The report noted that Bitcoin has not yet been associated with digital gold. However, when the time comes, the value of Bitcoin will rise significantly.

Impact of quantitative easing policy

Part of the report is devoted to the analysis of the consequences of active emission, which leadership of Central Banks did in the conditions of COVID-19. Analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets predict that unprecedented low interest rates and record-breaking credit stimulus amid de-globalization provoke a further decline in confidence in fiat currencies. The consequence of this is the expected awareness of the real value of Bitcoin.

FDAS notes that the young generation is increasingly interested in Bitcoin. The positive attitude of young people is a sign of a long-term positive outlook for Bitcoin.

More about Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments manages $7.3 trillion. Since October 2018, a division has been operating in the company structure, providing services to investors interested in buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum.