Darknet platform will give up BTC

One of the Darknet marketplaces (White House Market) will stop accepting payments in bitcoins. Monero (XMR) is now the favorite among anonymous coins

The third-party payment processor Morphtoken used by the platform has blocked exits from Tor nodes. From now on, White House Market only accepts Monero coins.

The reason for the refusal is the high demand for BTC from private and institutional investors, as well as the ability to track transactions and the identity of the owner of the cryptocurrency.

Monero is more anonymous in this regard and is better used for payment security. The information about transactions on her network is encrypted and the cryptocurrency is in high demand. Now it is traded at $ 160 and ranks 15th in the TOP of cryptocurrencies.

As a reminder, White House Market has long been the second largest shadow network marketplace after Empire Market. But after its shutdown last summer, White House Market came out on top.