BTC whales acquire $3.4 billion worth of bitcoin in a falling market

During the fall in the value of bitcoin, all the excess cryptocurrency that appeared on the exchanges was bought by BTC whales.

This is not the first such situation in 2021 and in the entire history of cryptocurrencies. It looks like the fall in prices and the subsequent sell-off is just a way to buy cryptocurrency on the lows.

We managed to find out from the messages of the Santiment experts on Twitter. One of them said that since the sales period, when the prices of bitcoins dropped to $43.5 thousand, many cryptocurrency wallets have replenished their stocks of digital assets in dollar terms by $67,000.

Analysts also noted that Bitcoin has returned to the $48.2 mark. Its value is still showing an increase of 563% compared to 2 years earlier.



BTC also gained 22% more than gold and 44% more than the SP500 over the same period. Ahead, according to the assurances of experts, a parabolic rebound and a breakout above 60 thousand dollars.

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