BTC Today: New High of $28,400

BTC hit its all-time high today, gaining + 15% in 24 hours. But the record price of $28,400 did not last long. Bitcoin fell by almost $2,000, stopping at its new support level of $26,500

Despite the high volatility, many traders admit that falling prices do not mean a bear market at all. Investment interest has never been greater. Many institutional investors add bitcoin to their portfolio. The adoption of cryptocurrency is growing, and against this background - its value.

The BTC price has been hovering around the $27K mark, and the cryptocurrency is still $ 7,000 more expensive than at the beginning of the month. Therefore, analysts are confident that bullish sentiment prevails.

Forecast for the future

Any bull market is accompanied by volatility and price corrections. Since BTC has not yet chosen a direction, it will trade sideways until the end of the year.