BTC seeks to overcome the $ 20,000 resistance

For 2 weeks of December, bitcoin significantly updated its highs, crossed the last milestone and is ready to take the bar of $ 20,000

The Bitcoin Rally, which began in December, made traders, miners and cryptocurrency investors very happy. Traditionally, as the value of this coin increases, the price of altcoins rises. So everyone benefits from the bullish BTC rally.

Based on data from TradingView and Coin360, it can be seen that the BTC / USD trading pair reached $ 19,760 in trading on Wednesday. This move upward stimulates a bull market, which replaced the bear market when the bulls in early December were unable to push the coin in trading above the resistance line of $ 19,500-20,000.

Анализ цены BTC

Recall that then the coin dropped in price to $ 17,550 and traded at this level until support from bull traders increased and another reversal towards an uptrend.

At present, the moment is not far off when BTC will break the wall of resistance separating it from reaching the price of 20 thousand. This optimistic news, quite likely, will allow the cryptocurrency to reach a new all-time high this week. Look forward to!

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