BTC ETF Will Not Appear Until 1-2 Years

The SEC will approve BTC ETFs during 2021-2022. This is the opinion of CFRA Research analyst Todd Rosenbluth

All companies that have applied to launch a financial instrument will have to wait. The SEC is not ready to approve the BTC ETF. Therefore, it is likely that the applications of VanEck and the rest will not be approved. The regulator will either extend their consideration or refuse.

Remember that the application from VanEck is currently under consideration. On March 15th, the regulator sent confirmation that it had been accepted into the work. The SEC has reached a verdict until April 29th.

The rest of the companies that have started the application process, should understand that the SEC is unlikely to approve one application for a BTC ETF. According to CFRA, several will be approved, so that there are no winners and losers.

VanEck and Valkyrie applied for a BTC ETF in Jan 2021, and Fidelity in March. There is no indication that the SEC will make a decision on this matter. However, it is not necessary to be discouraged. If the regulator approves one fund, it will set a precedent. It will be easier for the rest to get permission.

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