BTC derivatives break records on Deribit

A week ago, the world's largest derivatives exchange added options for BTC with an eye on the price increase to 100-140 thousand dollars. After 7 days, the price of the cryptocurrency went into an unprecedented growth

In less than a week, the value of the first cryptocurrency rose by a third. A new historical maximum was set, as we wrote about earlier. Against this background, it can be predicted that the price of the cryptocurrency will even rise to $ 160-200,000. This was announced on January 3.

The new options expire on December 21, 2021. This was mentioned in the exchange's Twitter account. According to the team of the cryptocurrency company, many are already placing their bets on the growth of the price of bitcoin at the level of 80 to 200 thousand dollars.

The exchange breaks records for the level of open interest. Deribit has a 24-hour transaction volume of $ 4.4 billion.

Other important numbers include:

  • nominal option $ 1.9 billion;
  • $ 7.3 billion USD option

In total, about eight billion United States dollars have been raised.