Bitstamp BTC costs $ 31,438

The prophecies of many crypto enthusiasts have come true. Bitcoin crossed the 30 thousandth milestone

This is a very important event for the entire cryptosphere. Many who bought bitcoin in 2017 for $ 17-20,000 hoped for the growth of the cryptocurrency. They dreamed about it when he continued to hold BTC in 2018-2019. Now they are in a winning position.

Bitcoin continues to grow. An attempt was made to pass the bar of $ 31,000. And on the Bitstamp exchange, the first cryptocurrency was even traded at $ 30,958. Now on Bistamp the price is $ 31 438.

Promotion above $ 28,000 began on January 1st. On the first day of the new year, the coin was trading at $ 29,629, and on January 2, it reached $ 29,829. We think this is the beginning of a new bullish rally.