Bitcoin whales moved BTC by $1.5 billion

The next giant bitcoin movements were recorded by the Whale Alert bot. Whales transferred 54,950 BTC (about $1.49 billion)

In total, there were 9 large transactions for the above amount. During the largest of these, 9,500 BTC were moved with a total value of $257.2 million between two unknown wallets.

The second largest transaction pulled in $247.5 million. During it, 9099 BTC were moved. There were also five transactions in the network for amounts over a thousand bitcoins.

None of the wallets involved in these seven transactions were associated with an exchange or other public institution, meaning cryptocurrencies did not make it to the open market.

One of the transactions from the Binance exchange was transferred to a crypto custodian firm. And finally, we note the transfer from the Coinbase crypto exchange in an unknown direction.