Bitcoin has wiped its nose from skeptics: the price has risen above $ 20,000

Today what we have been waiting for has happened. With the joint efforts of the adherents of the bull market, Bitcoin has overcome the resistance bar between 19.5 and 20 thousand!

Our editorial staff wrote about this earlier. So, our prediction came true! The 3-day BTC / USD chart shows the reversal of bearish trends with a new uptrend. The reversal occurred at $ 17,550, thanks to buyer's support.

Bitcoin analytics

Now, as analysts say, nothing prevents bitcoin from rising in price. Small sales are planned at a high level. For more information, see this BTC / USD buying and selling chart with Binance.

bitcoin analytics

According to the analyst, published on Twitter, with the price stabilization and the formation of the support zone at the level of $ 19,400-19,500, the BTC price can confidently strive up to 20,500-21,000.


#Bitcoin breaking above the resistance zone, which is close to a new all-time high. Bullish!

However, you'd want this red zone at $19,400-19,500 to become support.

If that happens, price can continue towards $20,500-21,000.

— Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) December 16, 2020


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