Bitcoin price could be $200k in 2022

Bitcoin, which has been trading in the range of 47-48 thousand dollars for the last 2 weeks, can easily overcome the bar of 200 thousand in 2022. This is the opinion of the former US presidential candidate Brock Pierce.

The crypto enthusiast who co-founded Block.One spoke about this in a recent interview. He believes that inflation may be the reason for the rise in the price of bitcoin.

The largest countries in the world continue to print paper money, and this gives digital currencies a chance. Bitcoin can easily reach $100,000, and at some point overcome $200,000.

Pearce's words are supported by high inflation figures in the United States, where it reached 6.8% in November (39-year high). This happened due to attempts by the authorities to stimulate the economy affected by the pandemic.

The businessman also highlighted the lack of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency, in his opinion, cannot provide hedging of traditional assets. This is hampered by price volatility and unstable regulation. However, BTC has a high yield and this makes coins an excellent investment choice.

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