Bitcoin is in the TOP 10 largest assets

The active growth in the price of Bitcoin since the end of November has led not only to the popularization of the cryptocurrency. Bull traders literally pushed BTC into the TOP 10 of the world's largest assets

Bitcoin has surpassed giants like Berkshire Hathaway, Alibaba, and Tencent. During the day's trading session, when the price of the cryptocurrency rose above $41,000, Bitcoin overtook Facebook.

The capitalization difference between the cryptocurrency and the social media giant was about $5 million. Then the price of Bitcoin dropped. There was a slight consolidation.

At 18.00 UTC, the capitalization of Bitcoin was $748.97 billion. Between it and Facebook, almost the same $5 million difference, but the largest social network was ahead.

Currently, at 18.00 UTC, the BTC has overtaken Facebook and is in 9th place in the TOP-10 most valuable assets of the planet.