Bitcoin is 12 years old and almost $35,000

On January 3, the cryptosphere traditionally celebrates Bitcoin's birthday. On this day, the genesis block of the first cryptocurrency was mined. Today, 12 years later, Bitcoin is showing steady growth. In less than a day, its price has risen by almost $5,000

The cryptocurrency set a record of $34,800 and came close to the 35,000 mark. Some altcoins, like Ethereum, have followed Bitcoin. Therefore, the market capitalization has grown exponentially.

The rise in the price of bitcoin began at the end of November 2020. The cryptocurrency has set more records in a month than other altcoins in their entire history. First, the $20,000 bar was broken, which was not achieved in 2017. Then - $30,000. And now the price is steadily moving towards $35,000.

However, on January 2, there was a period of short-term correction, when the price of BTC fell to $30,000. However, then the bull traders took over again and the cryptocurrency passed another major milestone of $34,000, setting a new record.

On January 3, 2021, the price of $34,800 was submitted to bitcoin.Since that moment, the price of the cryptocurrency has retraced slightly, but so far bitcoin is trading above $34,000.

The total market capitalization is over $880 billion. An excellent indicator!