Ark Invest: BTC — reserve cryptocurrency

Katie Wood (CEO of Ark Invest) considers BTC to be the reserve currency of the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Ark Invest is optimistic about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This was stated by its founder Katie Wood. According to her, the share of BTC in the market has now grown to 70%. Basically, it is the reserve currency of the cryptosphere.

The increase in interest in Bitcoin will cause an even larger increase in the price of the cryptocurrency. In many ways, this can arise because the BTC blockchain is secure and the cryptocurrency offers many benefits to users.

In most areas, including real estate, institutional investors began investing in a test mode from 0.5 percent, then one, five percent - and then on an increasing basis.

It is likely that bringing in more large investors could push the price of the cryptocurrency up to $ 500,000. So investing in BTC will be even more profitable.