An error in transferring BTC cost the user $ 80,000

The transfer of funds in the amount of 0.00005 BTC ($ 1.16) was carried out with a commission of $ 80 thousand. A banal mistake is to blame

Based on data, the funds were transferred from an exchange wallet or from an account on the service. When transferring 0.00005 BTC, a commission of 3.49 BTC was paid by one of the cryptocurrency users.

Thus, the transaction fee was 459 thousand satoshi per byte with an average of 102 satoshi. The average commission at the time of the transfer was $ 6.

The address to which the funds were transferred received a total of 19.5 thousand BTC for just over 12 thousand transactions. The mistaken user has no choice but to contact the miner who mined the block and ask him to return the overpaid funds.

Whether a refund will be made is not clear. In any case, the user will need to confirm that this BTC address belongs to him. This can be done using a comment.

Let us recall that this is not the first such case. Earlier, an Ethereum user made a mistake when transferring and accidentally set a commission of 2,100 ETH (over 300 thousand dollars). Miner Sparkpool then went to the meeting and partially compensated for the costs.