Bitcoin Reduced the Price of the Commission to a Record Minimum

Now the commission in the Bitcoin network is slightly less than one satoshi for a byte of information, which is about 10 cents per 100 satoshi. This news has been reported on Twitter by the user Armin van Bitcoin who confirmed his words with a screenshot of the transaction on the network, which made it clear that the cost of the operation is 282 satoshi, and the commission took only 0.665 satoshi.

It is also worth noting that in the last few weeks, the bitcoin mempule has decreased from 140 MB to 5 MB, and the number of unconfirmed transactions has dropped to 7,000.

Such indicators were influenced not only by the launch of the Lightining Network protocol, which was created to scale bitcoins, but also by so-called batching which is the process of merging a group of several transactions into one, which has already become a rather popular way to reduce commission. For example, batching is used by the well-known ShapeShift platform, which carries out about 10,000 transactions a day.

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