Bitcoin Rally “Revived” Old Mining Equipment

The sharp rise of the first cryptocurrency`s rate made adjustments to the calculations of mining equipment profitability, which was considered obsolete just recently.

From the information about the miners’ profitability index, monitored by large mining pools such as F2Pool and PoolIn, Antminer S9 and Avalon A851 show a profit of 10-20% again, taking into account the average cost of a kilowatt of electricity of 5 cents.

Also, enterprising miners who have increased the efficiency of their equipment (combined two devices, reduced voltage, etc.) can expect higher incomes. Besides, the profit may grow due to weather conditions. The fact is that the rainy season will soon begin in some provinces of China, thus the cost of electricity produced at hydroelectric power stations will fall.

Provided that the Bitcoin rate remains at the level of 9 thousand US dollars, old equipment can be profitable even after halving. The new generation miners, such as Antminer S17 and S19 or WhatsMiner M20 and M30 under the same conditions can give a profit of more than 60%.

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