Bitcoin Mixer: Help Secure Your Transactions
Using a bitcoin mixer isn’t just for the nefarious and notable. It’s the best bet you have of keeping your funds anonymous. It’s not hard to see that cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are taking hold. They’re becoming more widely known, with more users now than ever before. Bitcoin is also becoming so widely used, that many large corporations and industries are starting to accept them as a for of payment. While this means that it’s now easier than ever to not only own and trade bitcoin effectively, but it’s also simple to use. Which, ultimately, means it’s easy to track. Perhaps the most enticing thing about cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are largely operated anonymously, outside of a central governing power’s grasp. While this is definitely part of what makes bitcoin and other crypto’s awesome, it’s also something that is becoming harder and harder to keep genuine. Anonymity in bitcoin is becoming more of a pseudo-ideal than an actual one. Governments, hackers, and thieves can easily track purchase patterns and transactions of bitcoins back to a specific wallet. All it takes is a shipping address for them to find out not only what you’re buying, but who you are. As well as how often you make transactions- leading them to guess how deeply invested you may be in that particular cryptocurrency. Keeping Bitcoin Safe This is where a bitcoin mixer comes in. According to Best Bitcoin Tumbler (who are experts on the matter of bitcoin mixers) a good bitcoin mixer is your best bet to keep your privacy secured and your money safe. Essentially, bitcoins biggest downfall also happens to be it’s greatest triumph. Blockchain, the technology that ensures authenticity, logs transactions, and keeps out a centralized power, is also what makes bitcoin so incredibly easy to track down. With blockchain, each time a transaction is made with bitcoin, that transaction is placed in a public ledger. While this ledger is immutable, it’s still viewable by anyone who cares to look. While these transactions don’t have any names or “identifiable personal data” what they do have are bitcoin wallet addresses. Wallet addresses for bitcoin essentially work as a public key. This key can be given to anyone so that they can send money to you, or receive money from you. It doesn’t give them access to your account, but it essentially says that you have one. The addresses only change if you change your wallet, so you can see how one account can be “attached” to basically all sorts of bitcoin. Agencies use bitcoin analytics to figure out which address is doing what with its bitcoin. The more often you make transactions, the more easily you can be defined by your wallet address. So you’d think that having a few different wallets would save your skin? Well, yes and no. Should you start out with a large number of wallet addresses, and not exchange bitcoin between them, you might be safe. But realistically, you’d have to near constantly change wallet addresses and “buy” bitcoin from yourself and a dizzying rate. Any bitcoin transaction is traceable to a specific wallet and eventually, trends will be found. So how do you keep yourself safe and truly anonymous? The Beauty of the Bitcoin Mixer Bitcoin mixers help keep you safe by severing the ties between the bitcoin you own and your personal wallet address. It all starts by people transferring their personal bitcoin to a bitcoin mixer service. This service then takes those transactions and fragments them into hundreds of tiny transactions, spread across many different wallet addresses, effectively mixing up all the different initial transactions with one another. This is why it’s called “mixing”. Clever, huh? The wallet addresses used by the mixing service are created for the sole purpose of making these microtransactions. Once the mixing is complete. These addresses are tossed and new addresses are created. Once these coins have been “cleaned” of any traceable macro-transaction, they are then released back into the hands of the people that transferred them in the first place. By this time, tracing any particular bitcoin back to an original address would be next to impossible. Most bitcoin mixing services already have a cache of premixed coins that are cleaned and ready to be released back into the waiting hands of the person using the service. So wait times for clean coins are generally negligible. These services can also help clear your coins of any traceable gains history. As some newer bitcoin trading platforms don’t allow bitcoins earned from gambling, for instance. Using a bitcoin mixer can erase the history of how you received your coins in the first place, making them tradable on any platform. So, bitcoin mixers not only keep you safe, but they can also keep your investment exactly the way it’s meant to be kept. Anonymous.