Mass Media Received Information About Bitcoin Founder
At the end of 2017 Justin Sobaje, a lawyer from Los Angeles, sent a letter to world famous media Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Postimees and british The Sun where he mentioned the name of bitcoin founder.
"I have a theory, that this unknown creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is Estonian. This is Helger Lipmaa", — the lawyer wrote.
Sobaje provides some “evidence” that bitcoin was created by a senior researcher of the University of Tartu's cryptography institute - Helger Lipmaa. Here are some of them:
  1. The article where Nakamoto first explained bitcoin technology contains several references to Lipmaa’s doctor thesis that he wrote in the University of Tartu in 1999.
  2. Lipmaa’s IQ is 162. At school he used to take prize places at many maths contests and he also successfully graduated the university in only three years.
  3. The scientist knows really a lot about time-stamp technology and hash trees. That was exactly what Lipmaa’s thesis and several scientific articles published at the end of 1990's were about.
Postimees reached Lipmaa who was rather surprised with Sabaje’s announcement. He commented on that:
“I am definitely not Satoshi and I have no idea why did he chose exactly my name”.
Estonian scientists also asked not to mention him in mass media. А professor at the Tallinn University of Technology Ahto Buldas worked together with Lipmaa at the end of 1990’s. He noted that, although the scientific community that dealt with bitcoins back than was rather small, there are obviously other people who can use the alias Nakamoto.
"I would not say that Lipmaa is not Satoshi Nakamoto, although I do not believe that very much. However, I also cannot exclude this option. Unfortunately, I do not have any evidence against or in favor of it. We all can be Nakamoto", — said Buldas.
He also added he believes that there was a group of people who created bitcoin but not an individual.