Bitcoin Core Developers Introduced Update 0.17.0: Review of Innovations

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0

The creators of Bitcoin Core announced the release of a large-scale update for the most famous client Bitcoin. The updated version of the client had been developing for more than six months, headed by Wladimir van der Laan. The upgrade is based on almost 700 users’ suggestions.

The new version contains the “branches and borders” algorithm, which was created by BitGo developer Mark Ehrhardt. It is he who provides two important improvements:

1) The commission for each fragment is calculated before it becomes a part of the transaction.

2) The algorithm tries to compare different fragments in such a way as to obtain an amount as close to the one requested by the sender as possible.

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 contains a lot of new features. All of the weak spots of the previous version have been fixed. The choice of coins in the new version is optimized: now they are stored in wallets as separate parts, the process of creating and using wallets is also significantly simplified. Users can create them through a graphical interface at any time. The developers ensured compatibility of HD and non-HD wallets, provided an opportunity to create unique wallets intended only for viewing, and also implemented partially signed transactions and reduced the blockchain volume.

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