BitStarz: Fraudsters in the Law

Recently, on the Internet, there has been a surge in the activity of all kinds of crypto casinos, many of which, in fact, turn out to be outright scams.

Advertisements for bonuses, suspiciously generous promotions, and fabulous cashback options simply shout: “We're not here to make money. We created a casino to give all our money to you, our customers! ”. Even if you are a citizen of a country where gambling is illegal and you really want to gamble, this is not a problem. It is enough to have an e-mail and a klondike at your feet. The main thing is to give you the opportunity to make a deposit, spin the reel or shuffle cards. But, if suddenly fortune smiled at you to win money, the inspiring screams and smiles will be replaced by an unpleasant grimace of deceitful hospitality.

One of the brightest representatives of companies that are not clean on hand, often flashing on the open spaces of the network, and in a negative context, is Bitstarz. This is a type of business that exists according to the principle: "As long as there are fools in the world, we will live by deception, therefore, from our hands ...". 

Scam Casino Bitstarz is active under the wing of Softswiss and Dama NV. Softswiss , a software developer for iGaming, is responsible for application development, sublicensing and payment processing. Dama NV , “registered” in an offshore hole that has become a paradise for various types of fraudsters - Curacao, is engaged in management. Apparently, both companies are directly involved in fraudulent schemes BitStarz.

The scheme of the scam is simple, old and works in one key - to create a precedent to deny you a prize. For example, 2-3 “suspicious” accounts registered by you are suddenly discovered. But even if they belong to you, it remains a mystery how this affects the game of slots. Also, the reason for the refusal to withdraw funds may be a sudden request to go through the absurd KYC procedure. Moreover, when you make a deposit to your account, BitStarz representatives do not even think that you need to go through this procedure.

Another sign of fraud on your part for a casino may be unexpectedly using a VPN service. Naturally, during the registration process, Bitstarz customer support swears that VPN services will help to avoid the difficulties of blocking if the activities of the scam casinos in your country of residence are not regulated by law. In addition, according to them, this will not in any way affect the game itself, as well as the withdrawal of money.

Here is a clear example of a scam provided by one of the affected citizens of Israel, where the gambling business is illegal . The screenshots below show that BitStarz provides an opportunity not only to register, but also to make a deposit. At the same time, even a VPN is not required!

BitStarz knows very well that according to the laws of the State of Israel, it has no right to provide you with this service, however, it still allows registration. But as soon as you win money and you try to withdraw your winnings, you will immediately receive a notification that you are not entitled to withdraw your winnings, since the jurisdiction of your state does not allow this. Fraudsters represented by Bitstarz are ready to accept your money in any amount, without tricky checks, documents, with or without a VPN. At the conclusion something always starts to "interfere" with them.




BitStarz is a scam casino that brazenly steals from players all over the world, as soon as you win money there. They are assisted in this scam by the well-known management company Dama NV and the software developer Softswiss, who can also be safely called scammers .

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