How to Deposit at Online Casinos Using Cryptocurrencies

If you’ve been paying any type of attention recently, you’ll have noticed that cryptocurrency is starting to be big business. Gone are the days when crypto was the domain of just a few geeks and their computers, as crypto is now mainstream, with many investors now diversifying to include crypto within their portfolios.

While crypto can be a complex subject if you delve into it, there’s nothing tough about depositing at an online casino with it. On this page, in association with, we’re going to be showing you exactly how to add funds to your casino account using one of the many cryptocurrencies now available online.

Choosing a Cryptocurrency

It used to be that the only cryptocurrency around was Bitcoin, but now there are scores of other options. These include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tether. So, how do you go about choosing which one to purchase?

Well, if you’re a beginner, it’s pretty simple: you want a cryptocurrency that has a history of appreciating in value, as well as one that is widely accepted at online casinos. Therefore, you want Bitcoin. This is accepted at a whole range of casinos, and it has now proven itself to be a solid investment. What’s more, many believe it will only continue to grow in value.

Purchasing Cryptocurrency

Before you can start spending crypto, you need to buy some. This is done at a cryptocurrency exchange. Just like you would when buying foreign fiat currency, you hand over some money, and you receive back your crypto. You’ll also have to pay a small fee for the exchange.

Once you have your crypto, it’s vital to get it away from the site and into your own wallet. This can be a software or a hardware wallet – both have advantages and disadvantages. Once the crypto is safely stored, you can go about spending it online.

Depositing at Online Casinos with Cryptocurrency

So, you’ve chosen your crypto casino, and you now need to make a deposit. You might think that it’s going to be a complex task, but we’d argue that it’s easier than depositing using a debit card. As with all deposits, it starts by heading to the cashier and choosing the payment option you want to deposit with – for this example, we’ll use Bitcoin.

Once you have chosen Bitcoin, you’ll be shown an address that is unique to your casino account. Copy this down, as it’s vital. You then need to open up your crypto wallet and transfer money to the address you’ve been given.

After this, it’s a case of waiting for the transfer to take place. Don’t panic if it doesn’t happen instantly – the speed of the deposit will really depend on the blockchain. Those using Bitcoin should expect to find the money in their account within around 10 minutes.

You should now have some funds in your online casino account, which have gone from crypto exchange to your wallet, and then on to the casino. All you now need to do is spend the money playing your favorite games, and hope that you manage to win some cash in the process. 

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