Bitcoin Cash Had a Long-Awaited Hard Fork on Its Network
According to the announcement of the Bitcoin Cash developers, the network hosted a major update on the 15th of May aimed at the hard fork. Officially, the blockchain protocol on the block 530356 was updated at 19:54 (Kyiv, Moscow). Due to the changes, the block volume was increased from 8 MB to 32 MB, which will allow to build up information about the transactions and reduce the fee. Additional preparatory procedure, prior the main update, had to be carried out by the miners and other complete nodes. It was updating its clients version on Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin XT. Updates supportign the new hard fork have been released. Moreover, a number of other innovations occurred on the network in addition to the main changes. One of them is the integration of OP_CODES, which will provide the opportunity to create smart contracts. The developers note that the OP_CODES code was re-enabled, as previously it was removed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2010. Such a step will return the former functionality intended for the creation of smart contracts and will open access to other innovative functions. Another noticeable update of the Bitcoin Cash network is an increase in the allowable limit for the default carrier data from 80 to 220 bytes, which will make OP_Return work more reliable. We remind you that another update of the Bitcoin Cash protocol is announced for the November of 2018. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: