Best Crypto Related Costumes of the Halloween 2018

The Halloween of this year has passed, and the lovers of spooky costumes can start thinking about their new looks next year. Of course, this holiday couldn’t be missed by the crypto community, so today we’ll take a look at the most interesting crypto Halloween costumes.

1. Mr. Blockchain

This reddit user posted a picture of himself wearing the costume of blockchain.


2. Bitcoin’s Whitepaper

Bitcoin has recently celebrated its birthday, and this lady decided to give a shout-out to this important event and dressed up as a Whitepaper of the world’s #1 cryptocurrency.


3. Best crypto couple

These two decided to go to Halloween as a pair of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


These were the funniest and most creative Halloween costumes related to the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, next year will please us with more bright and interesting ideas.

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