Bertrand Perez: the Drop of Large Partners will not Affect the Libra Success
Despite the Visa, Mastercard, Sprite and eBay left Libra, its managing director and chief operating officer Betrand Perez said this would not slow down its development. The Libra project has recently got a significant reputation because two main project sponsors left the company: Visa and Mastercard.  However, this did not interfere with Facebook's plans.“Better that they did it now than later”- Perez said. Libra spokesman expressed extreme confidence in the success of the project.  The COO said that 21 members officially announced their intention to continue work on Libra, despite the loss of major partners. Of course, the companies that have left have quite big names in the electronic payments field, but basically they work with about  50 years old technologies. He also says that Libra is getting ready to accept new members soon.  About 1,600 companies have already expressed interest in joining. However, the criteria are still very strict.  There will be a total of 100 members and companies and they must meet certain criteria, such as reaching more than 20 million customers, and working in the international arena. Perez is confident that the number of companies in the Libra Association "will grow by the end of the year."  Libra was supposed to start acting in mid-2020, but Perez admit this could be delayed.