Bazista Will Use Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling

Bazista marketplace will use augmented reality and 3D modeling to bring exotic oversees products right into your living room

Augmented reality is great! No, seriously it is one of the best technologies that come into mainstream during the recent years and it’s not just about fun, like games or mask filters in photo apps – augmented reality is the real deal when we talk about bringing down barriers of e-commerce.  Did you know why so many people are still shopping offline? Because they are afraid that the ordered product will not match their expectations.

Now let’s pretend that you are ordering an expensive an expensive exotic product from oversees, let’s say an Indian statue or a Chinese vase. Imagine that you have been waiting for a couple of weeks, paying a high price for the product and it’s safe delivery to your home and once it arrives you find out that it doesn’t really match you bedroom wall color or the size is just to big, so now you will have to buy a new cupboard, instead of the old one just to get your new expensive vase in there. That really is a nightmare!

That is why Bazista marketplace has made augmented reality a priority feature that should be integrated during the early stages of the platform’s development and thanks to the guys from Pixelated Realities we will soon reach our goal. Pixelated Realities is a public non profit organization empowering individuals and organizations with the tools to digitize, conserve and restore cultural heritage, plan and revitalise public space.

They do everything from 3D scanning and modeling, virtual and augmented reality modeling and much more than that. Pixelated Realities has already started working with Bazista within the Indian market, helping us to digitalize exotic products that could be easily found at sufficient prices on their home market and that go extremely expensive once they are delivered to shops abroad.

Here are the digital models of the real objects, that could be found in India:



Gandhi by Wagh Sculptors #3 by dokunod  – 3D model

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