AWS Introduces Second Graviton Chips Soon
Amazon Web Services specialists are working hard on the next generation of Graviton processors, as it became known, they will work more than 20% faster than the current ones. AWS will hold its annual conference in a few days in Las Vegas, showing the most anticipated new products. Analysts say they are likely to introduce new processors there. Engineers took Arm Holdings processor architecture as the basis for Graviton chips. According to unconfirmed information, the next generation of AWS processors will have a 7-nanometer Neoverse N1 architecture. Such design in some applications can provide a 250% increase in computing power. But benchmark records are not the main feature of these processors; the key marketing advantage is its price. The fact is that they will be 45% cheaper than their analogs on AMD or Intel. In any case, it won't be very long before the processors are officially presented, we will definitely do a full review of the new products.