Austria Obligates Internet Users to Leave Comments Under their Real Names: Details of the Bill
According to the information of the Austrian Press Agency, a law will come into force in the country, which will make it impossible to comment on Internet posts by anonymous users. The bill is planned to be adopted in the autumn of 2019. If it receives support, then from 2020 the Austrian government will prohibit anonymous comments on the web. All Internet users will be forced to indicate their real names. Such a step is necessary to control the online audience and bring it to responsibility for insulting other users and breaking the law. The rule of disclosure of identity on the Internet will affect periodicals, Internet platforms, and social networks not only at the local level but also international, in particular, Facebook and Twitter. Operators of Internet platforms will be required to provide data to their users at the first request of law enforcement. According to the new law, the user identification mechanism will be implemented by confirming the identity using a mobile phone number. In Austria, this is possible due to the binding of subscriber numbers to their personal data. In case of violation of the new law, operators face fines of up to € 500,000. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: