Attackers Hacked the Twitter Account of the Vertcoin Project
A personal account of the Vertcoin project in the social network Twitter was hacked by unknown intruders. Using the opportunity, they published a tweet about the fake distribution of 10 Bitcoin to those who would allegedly send 0.005 BTC to the specified digital wallet. The tweet immediately caused a storm of indignation and suspicion from community members, as the Vertcoin developers did not notify anyone about the distribution. In this regard, many people quickly realized that the message was one of the scams that can be found on Twitter so often. After a while, one of the Vertcoin developers, James Lovejoy, confirmed the conjectures that the community put forward. After the publication the Twitter account of Vertcoin managed to clear the scam. The tweet about the distribution has already been deleted, which prevented scammers from publishing new messages. It is worth noting that a little less than 0.007 BTC was transferred to the address mentioned in the tweet, with only one transaction making up the requested 0.005 BTC. Thus, not all users were attentive enough - possiblly, only one person really fell for the scam Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: