TTM Bank Launches Global Cryptocurrency Card

Estonian financial company TTM Bank has issued a prepaid cryptocurrency card that can be used to pay wherever Visa cards are accepted. Russians can also get a TTM Bank cryptocard and use it.

The TTM Bank cryptocurrency prepaid card supports four cryptoassets: BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRX. You can pay with the card at physical retail outlets and online. When depositing cryptocurrencies credited to the card, accounts are converted into euros at the internal rate of TTM Bank. Holders of TTM Bank crypto cards have the ability to withdraw fiat money from Visa-supported ATMs anywhere in the world.

Users can design a stylish plastic card made in elegant black or its virtual equivalent.

"The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that assets belong to their owner. And we, in turn, have created a card that allows its holder not only to fully control their funds, but also serves as a link between the digital market and the classical financial system. TTM card The Bank is replenished with cryptocurrency, which, when deposited, is instantly converted into euros. The card can be used to pay in any stores, restaurants, hotels, as well as for online purchases. The TTM Bank card is not a cryptocurrency wallet, but a convenient and reliable tool for daily expenses, a product that cryptocurrency owners were lacking, "says Vladislav Utushkin to Co-Founder TTM Bank.

More than 40,000 people already use TTM Bank cards. The TTM Bank prepaid card is the only cryptocurrency card available for registration and it's used in Russia.

The card is a product of the virtual bank TTM Bank (the organization does not have a banking license) - this is the trade name of the btc2wire company registered in Estonia. The distribution, delivery and maintenance of card accounts is handled by the company's partner, financial services operator UAB Walletto, registered in Lithuania and a member of the Visa payment network. Funds deposited in fiat currency are held with a licensed bank.

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