The most popular NFT marketplaces in 2021

If you ask me what impressed me the most in 2021, I'd say it was the very first tweet of Jack Dorsey sold as an NFT token for $2.9m.

This was a turning point for all NFT marketplaces that already existed but did not get much attention. Now the popularity of such marketplaces skyrocketed and you can buy whatever unique thing you want - digital art, 3D models, podcasts, videos, interesting domains, photographs, virtual characters, and many more. 

People are ready to invest thousands of dollars not only in digital artwork, but also in NFT marketplace development. We have firsthand information, because GBKSOFT already received numerous development requests. So we’ve prepared for you this post and decided to share a list of top NFT marketplaces that are already rocking the market. 

What is an NFT marketplace? 

Basically, any NFT marketplace is a platform where people can trade and store tokens effortlessly. You just create an account, link it with your crypto wallet, and purchase any token you like. Once you’ve bought any token, you will receive a smart contract with a special code confirming that a non-fungible token you now own is original. Most NFTs are purchased for Ethereum.

A procedure of digital goods “tokenization” is simple - a digital object is uploaded, then you add all requested info like object type, name, price, etc, and wait till people wanting to buy your art start bidding. And this is it. So all you need is a marketplace and a digital piece of art. 

By the way, the most expensive pieces sold as NFTs were - a virtual cat from Cryptokitties for $100,000, Nyan cat for $561,000, and Everydays digital collage of thousands of pictures for $69 million. I guess, there is no need to emphasize once again how popular and profitable NFT marketplaces can be. 

NFT marketplaces are great for both artists and people who purchase digital works. The first ones monetize their great and creative works, and the latter gets a chance to confirm their ownership status effortlessly. 

Top 5 NFT marketplaces 

Now that you know what NFT marketplaces do, let’s get back to our initial topic. We’ve promised to share with you a list of the best NFT marketplaces. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 





It would be impossible not to name Opensea as the number one NFT marketplace. After all, this February its monthly NFT sales reached $95,2 million. This is a giant in the world of NFT marketplaces. Opensea owners are based in New York and founded this solution in 2017. This NFT marketplace takes a 2.5% fee for each transaction.

Thanks to Opensea people can purchase tokens of art, domain names, collectibles from different sports brands, virtual worlds, and many more interesting digital objects. Opensea is a very user-friendly solution providing advanced search, interesting statistics, and the ability to add NFTs from other marketplaces. 




SuperRare is a marketplace for selling unique and rare art pieces as NFTs. It is Ethereum-based and charges a 15% fee which is enormous compared to fees of other NFT marketplaces. So what’s so special about it? 

Well, SuperRare is a unique platform that uses an invite-only system for artists who want to showcase and sell their works. The main goal of SuperRare is to place only high-quality and rare digital pieces for sale. It was launched in 2018 and earned over $90M in NFT art sales. Recently it presented its own $RARE token, that can be used by all NFT sellers and buyers. 





This NFT marketplace is one more solution that advocates premium-quality digital art. It showcases so many visionary and creative works that can be purchased as tokens. While purchasing tokenized art on KnownOrigin users will pay only a 3% fee which is great. 

What really makes KnownOrigin stand out is its main goal - the creators of this NFT marketplace wanted to create a community-operated platform ready for Web 3.0. And what we liked the most about this marketplace is its “Activity” section where you can see all updates on bids and sales. It’s quite encouraging for both artists and buyers. 





Rarible is the community-owned NFT platform with its own native governance token called $RARI used to reward active buyers. On Rarible people can buy music, game cards, domains, and digital art. There is also a public list of the most successful buyers and sellers and incredible tokens collections.

Rarible charges 2,5% fee. And what’s more exciting, it gives verified badges to real and most dedicated collectors and creators. It’s like a real social network for artists and the fans of their works. 

Nifty Gateway 



Nifty Gateway was founded in 2018 as a centralized marketplace for digital art. What makes it very convenient is that users don’t necessarily need to pay in cryptocurrency, Nifly Gateway accepts USD. 

Almost all digital art collections are released like separate big artist drops, and they are accessible for a limited period of time. This NFT marketplace takes a 5% fee plus 30 cents from each secondary sale. We should also mention that the navigation on the platform is very intuitive and the artist's base is solid. 

To sum it up 

Although it may seem that the market is full of NFT marketplaces, I can say that there is still a place for new incredible solutions. For example, there are not so many niche NFT marketplaces that specialize in selling one particular type of digital works. And this can be a great startup idea - to develop a custom niche marketplace and trade holograms, gifs, 3D models, or some collectibles. 

If you are already inspired and eager to develop your own NFT marketplace, GBKSOFT team of developers can gladly help you with that. NFT marketplace can generate great income by charging transactions fees and gas fees for used energy to confirm transactions. And this can become a great money-making business, just remember all the successful examples we mentioned earlier. 

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