Mining: how to spend less and earn more

A pretty low level of income, frightening electricity bills, the risk of overheating and virus infection — these and other unpleasant problems are faced by almost all owners of ASICs on factory firmware. But fortunately, a proper custom firmware will help to deal with them.

Hiveon ASIC powered by MSKMINER is the leader among many firmware. Check out its features and you will see why.

Features of the Hiveon ASIC firmware

the most popular asic models are used as examples

  1. By using overclocking, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your devices and, accordingly, your income. Take a look at the rates that you can achieve using the Hiveon ASIC firmware (the most popular ASIC models are used as examples):
  2. By using the downvolting function, you can reduce your energy consumption and thus reduce your electricity costs. For example, the factory firmware for ASIC S17E consumes 2700 kW of electricity (at 60 Th/s). With the same hashrate, custom Hiveon ASIC firmware consumes almost 2 times less — 1314 kW.
  3. Hiveon ASIC firmware provides reliable virus protection (99.9%). This is possible thanks to the constantly updated digital signature and tar vulnerability check.
  4. The temperature watchdog reboots the ASIC or stops the mining process if a critical temperature is reached. In addition, to protect your devices from overheating and ignition, the temperature sensor works even during the start.
  5. The Hiveon ASIC firmware is also “equipped” with a hashrate watchdog. If the hashrate drops below the norm, the watchdog reboots the device to protect you from losing income.
  6. Using Hiveon ASIC, you can adjust the required temperature of the chips — ASICs will maintain it, and their performance will increase.
  7. Manufacturing defects of ASICs can lead to short circuits. But not with Hiveon ASIC. Thanks to the short circuit protection function, the mining process automatically stops if there is a danger of fire.
  8. Autotune adjusts ASIC chip frequencies to increase hashrate (and your income) and maintain power consumption. Autotune results are “remembered” so profiles can be easily reapplied. For the 17th ASIC series, automatic profile change is provided.
  9. ASIC chips stop consuming power in case of loss of the Internet connection — this feature will save you money.
  10. The Hiveon ASIC firmware constantly monitors the condition of the equipment, so if any problem is detected, you will be immediately notified about it.
  11. Hiveon ASIC firmware users can use the best management and monitoring system Hive OS for free. With its help, you can manage thousands of ASICs at the same time, monitor the hashrate, power consumption, temperature and statuses of each miner, set up different access levels, and so on. Plus, you can count on 24/7 support from the largest mining community.

Start mining with Hive OS for free for 1 rig.

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