How to tokenize capital in 2022 - Interview with the CEO of Liquatiq Group

Most of today's startups focus on the still young world of tokenized securities. While Germany and most other European countries have some regulatory hurdles for issuing tokenized securities, Liechtenstein goes a little further.

Amazing Blocks CEO Sophia Balogianni talked about the advantages of Liechtenstein's small jurisdiction, how long it takes to issue tokenized shares, and why the central bank's digital money also facilitates the creation of securities tokens.

Our main activity is related to asset tokenization and the related investor package that we will be able to offer early next year. We can help to tokenize any company's shares in accordance with current token laws, as well as tangible assets such as art or even antique cars. Our task is to analyze the client's business model, conduct an audit and propose suitable solution concepts for tokenization, smart contracts and technical mining. Our strength is that we can respond individually to customer requests because the type of token, e.g. stock token, debt token or property token, can be chosen flexibly.

We offer our clients a step-by-step plan for an accelerated company formation and tokenization. As for our software solution, we offer a token management platform that, for the first time, allows us to generate everything from equity tokens to debt tokens, depending on customer requirements. The topic of fundraising becomes more flexible, efficient and cost-effective thanks to the tokenization of equity tokens. A great example is the tokenization process of Magic Trading's international platform. Their competent decision to transfer part of their assets to MTK Token will allow them to receive surplus dividends and play on the growth of the coin's exchange rate in the future. Overall, the use of smart contracts means that it is increasingly possible to do without traditional intermediaries. As a LegalTech startup, we support our clients in the company formation process as well as in technical issues related to tokenization and administration

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