Forecast 2021 of the cryptocurrency market of a top trader from Portugal, who has more than $ 500,000,000 in trust

2020 was a very confident year for blockchain and the whole world of cryptocurrency. The rise of DeFi, several huge scandals with Coinbase and Binance are just a small part of everything interesting that happened during this year.

So what do experts think will happen to the crypto market in 2021?

We spoke with the famous cryptocurrency expert and trader from Portugal, Mr.Dios, who holds more than $500 000 000 of funds in trust and has been well known as a successful fiduciary manager for more than 3 years. He shared his analysis with us and explained what trends he expects to see in 2021.

Let’s start with Bitcoin. In 2020 the world saw the grand evolution in bitcoin acceptance and adaptation. Top international fintech companies such as PayPal and Square keep showing their interest and the hype from Bitcoin community keeps growing. According to Fibonacci retracement, Bitcoin price continues to grow and it has already broken the Fibonacci level of 0.236. If this performance continues, and Mr.Dios assures us that it will, Bitcoin will reach $55 000 in 2021.

The next and the most influential digital currency is Ethereum. With Ethereum, developers are not limited to a few operations, but instead, they can develop whatever program they can imagine. Such support and popularity along with DeFi contribution to the platform’s strong growth ensure a bright future for Ethereum in 2021. According to Mr.Dios analysis, if ETH price manages to bull through the Fibonacci 0.5 level, it will reach $2 000 in 2021.

The other promising cryptocurrencies that Mr.Dios expects to grow in price are Ripple, Cardano, and Litecoin.

The next trend that will surely advance in 2021 is the spread of companies that provide fiduciary management services, in other words, companies that use customers’ funds in trading activities and share profits with them. In prove of his previous statements about the huge growth of influence and popularity of trust management organizations in the nearest future, Mr.Dios told us about one of his most promising plans for 2021 year. It will be a huge investment project and one of the fields of its activities will be the fiduciary crypto management. Unfortunately, Mr.Dios refused to provide us with more information about this ambitious project.

And the last prediction from Mr.Dios for today is the boom of NFT’s in 2021. This form of cryptocurrency has already reconsidered and reinterpreted the value of our culture. Just as with cryptocurrency before, lots of people are still skeptical about NFT now. But we can’t deny that this kind of digital art will definitely stay and develop further, or at least will become the first step for a new advanced tool. Dios promises that his company Incore, which will launch in 2021, will revolutionize NFT as early as 2022. But, unfortunately, Mr. Dios did not disclose additional details about the company.

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