Criteria to Apply and Choose a Good Crypto Wallet

If you are interested in getting a workable and convenient blockchain wallet and have already gained some not very good experience, this may be because of the absence of criteria for making a choice. Each reliable online crypto wallet should correspond to the list of parameters. Let’s explore each of the parameters step-by-step to buy Bitcoin and other coins safely and conveniently in the end.

Aspects That Matter for Safety

That is a crucial point good developers of any wallet start with. And it is associated with a number of features:

●        transparent terms and conditions of cooperation and usage of a wallet – that should be made clear for all interested persons starting from the alpha stage of development;

●        an open-source crypto wallet is a good option because its code is open for review and audit by interested parties and keys from such a wallet are available to its user only;

●        secured transactions with crypto-currencies – a user should exchange coins without worries about even occasional sharing of details about transactions, including related to fiat money;

●        personal details are secured and are not shared – a customer should provide some minimal required amount of personal details while dealing with cryptocurrencies but such should not be shared without the owner’s authorization;

If you have preliminary options to choose from, make sure such entirely correspond to all these features. And afterward, pass to the next block important for making the right choice also.

Aspects That Matter for Convenience

The next after safety comes the convenience of usage. The most important points here are:

●        multi-currency wallet enable dealings with lots of cryptos at the same time – it is possible to buy and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and less common cryptos and store such in one place;

●        cross-platform wallets are ones a customer may easily use for Android / iOS / Windows / Mac OS/Linux;

●        convenient interface is also important for active users and this aspect is not limited to the point of color combination (still, that is important also); the scope of features should be sufficient to ensure a good and convenient user experience;

●        flexibility of a tool – it should be tightened to the needs of users and perfectly if such are considered starting from the alpha stage of a product already regardless of the fact this is a Bitcoin wallet or multicurrency wallet;

Such listed points should be emphasized by developers before and starting from the alpha stage of the product development. One of the best options here is being involved in the process of such development, like BitMarket Network Client developers do for their customers. This is an opportunity to tighten the product to your needs without paying for this user experience.