Trading, Hard but Sweet

Novice traders, when they first enter the financial markets industry, do not have a complete understanding of what it really is. But there are many illusions: if you decide to become a trader, they give you money for looking at charts with a smart face. That you can trade at any time and in any together. That it is enough to understand the graphs and you will be happy. But alas, it is not. 

Trading is the most difficult way to make money out of all those that seem simple. Requiring a lot of patience, composure and analytical skills. Starting to engage in trading, you enter into a war with an invisible and most difficult enemy, with yourself. 

The struggle with yourself, with your fears, greed, and insecurities, is the most difficult struggle. And many traders do not withstand the intensity of passions, simply losing in this fight, according to various estimates, in about 90-95% of cases. Trading is a kind of self-knowledge, the ability to control one's emotions and only then the ability to analyze the information received, for the cold-blooded adoption of the only correct decision.

However, the reward for this titanic work is sweet and incommensurable. Until the end of your life, working only for yourself, you get the opportunity to fully provide for yourself and your family. Your income will depend only on you, your working hours and residence will also depend only on you. In trading, there are no ceilings and no one to blame, it all depends on you.

So what is this if not a ticket to a better life? Are your efforts not worth such freedom and opportunities? What is stopping you and is it really that important? Learn for yourself, work for yourself, live life to the fullest!

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