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Until recent times, we have seen the Covid-19 pandemic disrupt learning and introduce new opportunities and challenges globally.

The major challenge was how to ensure learners were committed to their studies from a remote location. Thanks to strides in digital advancements where Internet connectivity is regarded as a human right and a pillar of e learning and education. 

With improved broadband connectivity, learning institutions have been able to utilize the Internet in sustaining learning. The key takeaway is that students can retain more and even study more effectively if they are connected to a faster and more reliable Internet. 

Even though there are limitless opportunities in e learning school education, most learners and trainers ask themselves a very important question: how can we improve online learning? Lumin pdf cares deeply about our customers, and that’s why we have made it possible to facilitate learning with our popular document editors.

The right step into the future is to integrate Lumin as the best pdf editor in your digital learning environment. Different tech kits such as MS Office suites, Google Classroom, Zoom and DropBox have come in handy to assist in flexible learning, but it is equally crucial to note that there are many other efficient tools to apply. 

Benefits of distance learning creative

In the contemporary world, e learning creative education have many benefits for both learners and teachers alike. Some of the essential benefits are explored in the section below:

Enhanced flexibility 

In the so-called global village, most people can work and study thanks to digital learning simultaneously. You can earn your bachelor's degree while still working to facilitate your education. 

There is no need to skip family dinner or leave work early enough to commute to school when you can just log into your classroom conveniently. With virtual learning, there is no excuse to leave other essential commitments since you can plan your schedule when you want. The improved flexibility of distance learning allows you to achieve that work-life and school balance you have been looking for many years. 

Improved time management

As we all know, time management is at the heart of better performance and a sense of self-fulfillment. Juggling among studies, work and other personal issues have been hard in the in-person learning environment. Schools have realized this and thus have created strategies to help students balance and better manage their time.

At Lumin pdf, we are already aware that time management skills can be enhanced via virtual learning and thus, we have an easy to use online pdf editor tailored just for you when you have that pdf file requiring quick changes. 

Better communication and teamwork 

Learning with others has never been easy before, but with digital learning, we can see the advantages in a number of ways. In the distance learning spaces, you can edit reports with classmates on Kami, send a WhatsApp text or email to your professor and attend a debate on Zoom. 

During times of crisis, as witnessed in the Covid-19 pandemic, clear and consistent communication did great wonders for learners and teachers. While the world was turned upside down, connecting via video calls seemed like the better alternative in bridging the disconnect in students’ social-emotional needs.

Accommodating learners with special needs

It goes without saying that e learning for special education has been a major hallmark in distance learning. There is no choice but to adapt to the unique requirements of special learners, especially during a crisis. Managing special education is difficult in in-person learning due to the many needs that a teacher must address at the same time.

When searching for enabling tools to aid special education students, the Lumin online pdf editor has been tested and verified to be reliable. At the comfort of their seat and with no hassle, our pdf kits effortlessly let special students create, edit, convert and merge pdf reports. 

Being able-differently does not prevent you from achieving that career dream even when commuting or moving from lecture to lecture or class to class is a strenuous task. Rest easy because distance learning has accommodated all your mobility needs. 

Distance education during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic changed the world forever, but the change is for the better. The education sector was largely affected by the pandemic as it heavily relied on physical learning. This was to be cut short by Covid-19 containment measures where over 1.6 billion children had to stay home.

Despite that schools closed all over the world, it did not mean that education should stop. With the rise in Covid-19 incidences, it also seemed like learning would never resume. Luckily, education stakeholders saw the need for continued learning to keep students preoccupied, especially at home. 

The warm reception of distance learning led to increased Internet usage and more funds to sustain and expedite the new normal. For example, countries such as the UK and Canada dedicated billions to intensify Internet connection to those places that dragged behind. 

Whether it is language translation apps, remote learning and teaching, or online learning software, it has been noted that Covid-19 has greatly contributed to the education sector in an unprecedented manner. 

Distance learning is for our own good because some researchers have shown that e-learning can boost information retention due to media interactivity. Moreover, many students and tutors have now established that they can also edit pdf online free. 

How COVID-19 Transformed Distance Learning

After the unprecedented transformation, we all know that virtual education is here to stay, thanks to Covid-19. The coronavirus crisis resulted in a sudden shift from in-person learning to the adoption of distance learning. The people who were conversant with IT skills adapted well to the new normal and even helped to train others to join the wave. 

In response to the pandemic, many institutions had to seek e learning sites online education to keep up with the resultant high demands. Sites such as Kami,  BYJU’S, Tencent classroom, Lark and Google Classroom saw an immediate increase in traffic as soon as physical learning was halted. 

To support large-scale virtual education, most websites started to provide tutors and learners with unlimited video conferencing periods never seen before, auto-translation allowance and smart calendar planning. 

Indeed the Covid-19 duration has also presented us with good times because e learning and education has proven to be heaven on earth for both learners and teachers. In a time of crisis and major displacements, students can edit pdf file and share them in real-time.

Best solutions for remote learning

Since remote learning is the new sheriff in town, users must also be aware of data privacy. For instance, editing a document and sharing it with your professor may expose you to malicious online attacks. You are advised to always 100% secure your files with the e-signature feature available in our free pdf editor. 

Under this relatively new e learning in teacher education, students are given assignments and quizzes to be completed in real-time, and this means that they should be able to save their work while working. 

At Lumin, we understand this challenge, so you will never ever click “save” again. We have ensured that all the changes you do in real-time are automatically saved as you edit your pdf. It is high time we change our perspective and gain the rewards offered by e-education in collaboration with Lumin pdf. 


Lumin pdf editor offers a chance to create engaging tests and notes by designing interactive texts, shapes and images and later editing them to fit new requirements. Whether you are a learner or teacher, you can convert pdf files into MS Word and vice versa and boost your confidence. 

Our professionals will be glad to help you achieve your goals by letting you create and edit presentable pdf documents that match your learning and teaching requirements. Contact us now and get a chance to experience unique products and services for all your document needs. 

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