House of Spitz: «Exchange your Shiba Inu Coin against a Shiba Inu Dog»

Lately, the meme coin Shiba Inu attracted a lot of interest. The community behind this project call themselves «Shibarmy» and is in charge for lots of great projects behind this ecosystem, including the Shibaswap and other various use cases. 

Due to that hype, there has been a giant spike in the Shiba Inu Price, that generated even billionaires recently. This has also led to the tremendously high demand of alive Shiba Inu dogs. A recent, famous owner is Elon Musk. He just got a puppy of this breed named Floki. House of Spitz (Instagram @house_of_spitz) has therefore started accepting the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu to purchase the same breed. Surprisingly, the company has been accepting bitcoin and tether cryptocurrencies for Pomeranian puppies for the last two years. 



Pomeranians are small fluffy dogs, weighing around 2.5 kg. They are being considered as friendly, active, very easy and not stressful to travel with. You can take them on your afternoon stroll through the city and carry them to a dinner in a fancy restaurant. By nature, the Pomeranian Spitz is gifted with a highly developed intelligence, which greatly facilitates the learning process (in comparison with other decorative dog breeds). 

The adorable fact is that these little guys don't recognise their size. They think of themselves as fearless huge wolves, so don't expect your dog to be afraid of anyone. More likely to be determined to go after the big dog. Everyone should have that kind of self-esteem! 



The Shiba Inu, however, weighs around 10kg as an adult. This is a hunter-friendly dog with an opinion of its own and a strong, wilful temperament. They will constantly test you to your limits, which is basically the same what you can say about the Shiba Inu coin. 

Every day there are new organisations, that introduce payment with digital currencies. These include restaurants, world-famous brand stores, cabs and public transportation, exclusive car dealerships, real estate agencies, and many others. Now life puppies are on that list, too. Go check out @house_of_spitz on Instagram and exchange your Coins against real Dogs. 

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