Fraud by Alexander Kerbo in relation to

Statement on fraudulent actions by Alexander Kerbo against 

We met Alexander Kerbo in 2020 and made several successful deals based on his insider information. The business reputation of Kerbo at the time of our acquaintance was reliable. He has worked on many top projects in the crypto industry and was a member of well-known crypto communities and helped our industry acquaintances.

At the beginning of 2021, we decided to go to the ICO. Alexander offered his help and introduced us to the well-known crypto investor Eric Su, stating that he was working for his fund. After that in the process of communication Su became interested in the project. Later Kerbo asked to be added to the website and to the presentation of our project as an investment representative. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Alexander Kerbo has never officially worked with us. We, like many others, trusted his reputation.

Alexander conducted all the negotiations himself, the results of which and information about potential investors he kept in secret from the company. In this connection  we have warned him several times that we will sign “SAFT” only upon the transfer of money to us. This is confirmed by the correspondence.

At one moment Alexander just stopped communicating - his phone was unavailable for several weeks. It turned out that Kerbo, using our investment memorandum, presented himself as the investment director of our company and collected money not only from private investors, but also from venture capital funds. Most of them were his friends and trusted him, just like we do. So one of the victims of the fraud was Twin Apex Capital, which transferred $ 150,000 to Alex Kerbo. There are confirmations of transactions to his personal wallet, which he also gave to other victims.

According to preliminary data, Kerbo embezzled about $ 1 million. We contacted several detective agencies. We determined that Kerbo is currently in Russia, and he transferred most of the money to the Binance exchange. Alex Kerbo still does not get in touch and it is not yet possible to determine his exact location. is not involved in fraud and misappropriation of investors' money. In order to avoid image losses and preserve our reputation, we conduct our own investigation. The results of which we will provide to the victims of the deception of Alexander Kerbo. We are sincerely sorry that the fraudster used the name of our company for personal, selfish purposes. To everyone with whom we spoke directly and signed saft, we refunded the money after discovering Alex Kerbo's deception. This can be confirmed by the TLG fund and other large investors.

We ask everyone to share any useful information. If you know where the scammer is or you can tell about his participation in other projects, please do not remain indifferent and contact us in email:

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Any information will help us speed up the investigation.

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