EBay تطلق NFT Sale

EBay, a successful e-commerce company, has no intention of losing revenue from innovative products such as NFT

On Tuesday, the company's management said it was launching a sale of art objects for collectibles based on non-replacement tokens. In the near future, a new functionality will be added to the platform to ensure the possibility of listing NFT.

Thus, EBay became the first company in the industry to sell virtual items (clips, drawings, collectible cards). However, only sellers from the whitelist will be able to sell their goods.

Actually, the company's intention to launch such a market could have been guessed earlier. When the CEO of eBay stated that the company is carefully looking at the NFT sphere.

Actually, there is nothing surprising in this news. Today, when cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of modern human life, virtual objects are just as real and have value as any other commodity.

In the form of NFT you can buy a cool avatar for social networks, players in the online game, ammunition and perks, collectible cards, paintings, art installations. It is a huge market with excellent prospects. And EBay understands that very well.

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